April 14, 2014

Also starts in May!!

Also starts in May!!

April 14, 2014

Starts in May!!

April 14, 2014

Starts in May!!

Starts in May!!

April 3, 2014

Starts this Monday at Asheville Yoga Donation Studio!!

Starts this Monday at Asheville Yoga Donation Studio!!

Come practice with me in Asheville.

March 26, 2014

Teaming Up with Traveling Yogini Tours in Asheville starting late April!!

Join me for these specialty yoga classes in Asheville starting in late April. $12 drop in for the Bend and Brew classes and you get a free beer tasting after your yoga practice. The Wellness Tours downtown include a foot soak at Wake and yoga in the Salt Cave. More details coming soon as well as my updated yoga studio schedule. Love that I am able to get back to doing what I love in the mountains.

March 26, 2014

Back to the Mountains!!

I’m moving back, y’all and am happy to announce I am joining Traveling Yogini Tours in Asheville as well as building a schedule of classes so check back here for updates!!  Here’s a list of what I can share so far:

Bend and Brew Sundays 11:15am – 12:15pm at High Wire Brewery downtown {starts April 27th} {$12 includes tasting after yoga}

Slow Flow Mondays 8:30am -9:45am at Asheville Yoga Donation Center

Asheville Wellness Tours Mondays 3pm – 5pm Downtown Asheville {starts April 28th} {visit Wake and the Salt Cave, practice yoga in historic downtown Asheville}

Bend and Brew Tuesdays 5:15pm – 6:15pm at Highland Brewery {starts April 29th} {$12 includes tasting after yoga}

I’ll be adding classes over the next few weeks for April and May so check back for updates!!  I’m also continuing working one-on-one with folks for yoga therapy, career consulting, and goal writing.  In May I’m training to do Thai Yoga work with folks as well!!  

And don’t forget: August 2nd- 10th is the Active Yoga Retreat with Amazon Andes Sky!!


See y’all on the mat in the mountains!!


March 14, 2014

profound. grit-hearted. voluptuous. bright-hearted.

In my yoga classes this week I’ve been teaching hip openers and sitting with discomfort.  If you’ve noticed {is anyone out there?} I haven’t been devoting much time to online social media marketing for my classes and I actually deleted my Align Yoga and Wellness website a few days ago.  If you have similar experiences to me in hip openers, the mantra “let the {excuse this} FUCK go” may go through your mind over and over again.  So this week I’ve been letting go.  Of expectations and goals around my yoga class numbers and if I’m able to translate my yoga teaching here in Charlotte.  {my life legacy: everyone practices yoga}  {therefore, translation is a MUST}

Of course my teaching has felt lovely this week.  Of course letting go of expectations has been amazing.  Of course we have to relearn life lessons over and over again.  Remember to remember that we forgot, right?  And each time we learn things on a deeper level.  It’s renewed and remembered in the body and mind.  {that wisdom layer}

I was talking to a student after class about PTSD and how much we can store in the body.  How much we numb ourselves every day.  Perhaps it’s to get through traffic {I’m not going to lie, driving in Charlotte is the pits for me} or we are working with trauma on a much bigger level {PTSD} and healing is simply a breath away.  There’s so much potential in the subtle body.  We were talking about how to get more folks to come to yoga and how to share this great practice.  I mentioned that it’s got to be their choice and in their own way.  Unfortunately, it’s so easy to not step on the mat.  A regular yoga practice takes time and space and tenderness and love.  

For many years I have lived my life in a lot of fear and with a lot of reservations.  {to reserve: to keep back, as for future use or for a purpose}  Perhaps it’s the tackling of 365 days of handstands or my recent reading of the Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte {go order it now, this blog ain’t going nowhere}, but my heart is feeling a new sense of purpose.  In the book, you eventually come up with the core desired feelings of what you want to FEEL rather than the outcome of the goal.  It’s a whole other ballgame.  And from that, I’ve come up with four major goals for the whole year {trust me, their huge and I’m not ready to share yet}.  

I will, however, share my four core-desired feelings.  My north, south, east, and west if you will.  {she uses that idea in the book and I loved it}  profound.  grit-hearted.  voluptuous.  bright-hearted.  So much contained in four words.  

Another not-so-fun lesson I’ve been learning over and over again: continue to find your own path.  I find I get plagued with guilt over “just teaching yoga” and being able to write mid-morning at a coffee shop.  I look and compare to those who created a more clear career path {which is fantastic} and who are married or have children and most likely have an active 401k.  There are some days when I crave this security so badly I can taste it.  Then I teach a yoga class and it all washes away.

profound.  grit-hearted.  voluptuous.  bright-hearted.

It’s all a choice, y’all.  Do we hold back?  Do we lengthen forward to our fullest?  

Is there even a traditional path anymore?  north.  south.  east.  west.


February 20, 2014

Ecuador Retreats 2014!!

Tree EcuadorWho wants to join yours truly in August for an Active Yoga Retreat (2nd – 10th) or later in August (dates being set soon) for a Yoga and Goal Writing Adventure Retreat with Amazon Andes Sky?? YEAHHH! Save the date!!

February 14, 2014

Starts Next Saturday!!

Starts Next Saturday!!

Join me for Yoga for Performance at Moga Charlotte!!! Whether you are an athlete, training for the CrossFit open, or are recovering from a long-term injury this will be a deep stretch series. Saturdays 1pm to 3pm for four weeks. Do the whole thing or drop-in!! Email info@mogacharlotte.com for more details or to pre-register.

January 29, 2014

Updated Snowy Schedule!!

Updated Snowy Schedule!!

Here’s my current weekly schedule in Charlotte!! I’m also subbing a bunch coming up as well so stay tuned in and come practice with me.

Sundays Slow Flow 11am – 12:15pm Be Yoga Dilworth
Mondays Slow Flow 8:15am -9:15am and 4:30pm – 5:30pm Be Yoga Dilworth
Wednesdays HOT Flow Yoga 4:15pm – 5:15pm Dowd YMCA
Thursdays Deep Stretch 12:30pm – 1:45pm Okra Yoga
Fridays Yoga for Awesomeness 7:00pm -8:00pm Be Yoga Dilworth
Saturdays Deep Stretch 11:30am – 12:30pm Moga Charlotte

I’m also available for private instruction at both Moga and Be Yoga Carmel locations. Email me for more info!! alignyogaandwellness@gmail.com


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