Back to the Mountains!!

I’m moving back, y’all and am happy to announce I am joining Traveling Yogini Tours in Asheville as well as building a schedule of classes so check back here for updates!!  Here’s a list of what I can share so far:

Bend and Brew Sundays 11:15am – 12:15pm at High Wire Brewery downtown {starts April 27th} {$12 includes tasting after yoga}

Slow Flow Mondays 8:30am -9:45am at Asheville Yoga Donation Center

Asheville Wellness Tours Mondays 3pm – 5pm Downtown Asheville {starts April 28th} {visit Wake and the Salt Cave, practice yoga in historic downtown Asheville}

Bend and Brew Tuesdays 5:15pm – 6:15pm at Highland Brewery {starts April 29th} {$12 includes tasting after yoga}

I’ll be adding classes over the next few weeks for April and May so check back for updates!!  I’m also continuing working one-on-one with folks for yoga therapy, career consulting, and goal writing.  In May I’m training to do Thai Yoga work with folks as well!!  

And don’t forget: August 2nd- 10th is the Active Yoga Retreat with Amazon Andes Sky!!


See y’all on the mat in the mountains!!


2 thoughts on “Back to the Mountains!!

  1. I’m so disappointed (for myself) that you went back to Asheville, but so happy for you that you did! Charlotte doesn’t seem to understand how to handle your brand of awesomeness, and it has really lost out. I hope to one day swing by a class of yours in the mountains. Who knows, maybe I’ll finally realize my own dream of moving out there.

    (Latin, Mondays)

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